Your Teachers: Janet Corvino and Anastasia Chomlack

Janet is a yoga instructor, and professional Life & Leadership Coach. Born and raised in NYC and now living in the mountains of Whistler, BC. Janet is part homebody and part gypsy. She loves her home in the mountains as well as exploring the world through travel. She created Soul City Yoga Retreats to create travel and yoga experiences for her students. As a result, Janet has been travelling the world and teaching internationally. Janet as a Life and Leadership Coach is soulful in her approach using yoga philosophy and Co-Active teachings to evoke deep insights. Janet’s candor, confidence and humour creates a playful, supportive environment to dive into action. You will be inspired to live deeply rich life filled with possibility. 





Anastasia is a lifelong photographer who captures real people in authentic moments, forgoing overly posed or trendy shots. Throughout her decades of photographing, she’s also built a network of people with shared values and interests, which led her to begin mentoring women and helping them grow their businesses and personal sense of strength. In 2016, Anastasia launched two new, women-centred businesses. Just months after that, Anastasia was diagnosed with cancer. Throughout her journey with cancer she learned many things, mostly that we have a choice. We have a choice to look within ourselves and see the strength that others see in us. More than anything, this experience inspired her to encourage other people to lead unapologetically passionate lives. 

All of this brought Anastasia to where she is today—photographing, mentoring, and uplifting women. She loves creating space for and facilitating experiences where women can break free from fear and expectations and embrace the lives they want to live!

This experience is for women looking to grow their personal and professional awareness through the body, mind and soul. Seeking to radiate from your true, authentic self? Janet and Anastasia offer a week of yoga, play and exploration to rediscover your inner leader while enjoying rest in a tropical paradise.

Janet will lead you through daily yoga classes for all levels to nourish the body and the soul, as well as two Leadership sessions focused on your natural “leader from within” and the impact you have on others with your energy. Anastasia will offer a 30 minute photography session for each participant as well as a mini branding and Instagram class to take your endeavours to new heights.

Beyond feels like a remote jungle location but we are just five blocks from some of the bay’s most beautiful beaches and ten blocks from great restaurants, shops, and attractions in the best part of downtown Puerto Vallarta: Old Town and Romantic Zone. Adventures (snorkel, private beach and volunteer excursion).




You’ll enjoy nutritionally-dense, cleansing, and delicious plant-based meals that are original, tasty, and energizing. Everything is cooked from scratch with the highest quality ingredients, many of which are homemade, like oils, granolas, and breads.

Stay in one of our casually luxurious, open-concept villas. Nestled in the jungle, engulfed in vegetation and overlooking the pacific, you’re a world away. And yet, Beyond is located just a short stroll or Uber from Old Town and Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta.

- 2 Leadership sessions
- Individual 30-minute photography session
- Instructional Branding/ Instagram class

Janet: Optional Individual Life and Leadership Coaching 60min $200USD

Anastasia: Optional Branding and Business Sessions:
1-hr Website/ Social media audit for women who are currently running a business or Business Branding/ Discovery Session or the women looking to do something bigger - but who aren’t sure what yet. Review your online outlets for cohesive, genuine branding
60 min $200 USD

Extra 30 minutes at the mini branding shoot
Includes up to 75 images
$300 USD




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Puerto Vallarta retreat, Mexico. March 21-28th 2020 


A Week at Beyond Yoga


Eveyone arrives into PV
3:00 Check-in and welcome tour
7:00 Dinner meet and greet Sunday



8:00 yoga practice
9:30 Breakfast
1:00 Open morning to go explore PV
Open afternoon to relax
5:00 Leadership Workshop
6:30 Dinner


7:00 yoga pratice
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Snorkel tour at Los Arcos
1:00 Lunch
5:00 evening yoga practice
6:30 Dinner

8:00 Leadership Workshop
9:30 Breakfast
Open relax or get a massage/facial
Branding and Instagram focus
5:00 Evening yoga practice
6:30 Dinner



7:00 yoga practice
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Waterfall hike Lunch in Quimixto
6:30 Dinner
8:00 Restorative yoga




8:00 yoga practice 
9:00 Breakfast
10:30 Seva (give back) Day 
1:00 Lunch
4:00pm Branding and Instagram focus
6:30 Dinner
8:00 Restorative yoga

8:00 Morning yoga
9:30 Breakfast
Open morning to go explore PV 1:00 Lunch
Open afternoon
5:00 Evening yoga
6:30 Dinner

8:00 yoga, meditation, or fellowship 
9:30 Breakfast
11:00 Check-out